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Save the Carers Support Centre - stop the planning application!

Dear supporter,

The Carers Information Service has received notification of a planning application to convert the offices above the Carers Support Centre into flats.

What does this mean for the Carers Support Centre?

The proposed changes would mean that the Carers Information Service staff who work on the first floor, including two advice workers and two Carer’s Assessment Workers, would need to relocate to the existing meeting room space downstairs, where we currently run wellbeing events and workshops. A number of local charities supporting carers and vulnerable people would also need to find new offices elsewhere.

The drop-in advice desk and Carers Café would remain open.

What would the changes mean for carers?

There would be no longer be enough space to run many of our carer activities. This includes wellbeing activities such as Carers Dance, Singing, Tai Chi and Pilates; information sessions; carer support groups; and workshops.

There would also be more limited space for Carer’s Assessments and advice surgeries. The work of several local charities benefiting the community would also be affected.

Such drastic changes would mean less support for Croydon’s carers, who already contribute £654 million each year to the local economy*.

* Croydon Carers Strategy Summary 2018-2022

How you can help

The planning permission application is now public. We encourage you to submit a comment on the application online by clicking on the "make a comment" button, filling out the form and selecting your stance as “object”.

You may like to mention in your comment that Croydon would be losing a valuable community facility, benefiting the health and wellbeing of Croydon’s 33,000 carers.

When you’ve sent in your comment, please share the link with others, so we get as many objections as possible.

On behalf of all the staff here, thank you for your help. It is much appreciated.

Best wishes,

The Carers Information Service Team

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