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Am I a carer?

Many people do not immediately see themselves as carers. You are a carer if you look after, or help to look after, a family member, friend or neighbour who needs help due to illness, disability or old age. The help carers give is informal and unpaid (though you may still receive Carer’s Allowance or other benefits). You do not have to be receiving Carer’s Allowance, live with the person you support or provide full-time care.

If you think you might be a carer living or caring for someone in Croydon, register with us using our registration form or contact the Carers Support Centre to find out more.

Carers UK has some useful tips written by carers for first-time carers.

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Open weekdays 10am - 4pm, feel free to drop in for advice or support with any issues related to caring.
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