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Carers Rights Day Friday 30 November 2018: Caring For Your Future

Having the right information at the right time can make a huge difference when you are looking after someone.

Unlike a paid job, unpaid carers receive no training before taking on their role, so it’s important to get as much knowledge as you can to empower yourself.

Our How To… A Guide for Carers in Croydon factsheets have a wealth of local and national information on a range of topics, including social care, benefits, practical support, housing, hospitals and much more. You can download the recently updated series, or request paper copies when you register at the Carers Support Centre.

You can also find more information and advice for carers in our information section.

Carers’ rights and decision-making

Many carers contact us with concerns about professionals refusing to share information, or making decisions about the person they care for’s treatment without being properly consulted.

In the run up to Carers Rights Day, our three-part series looks at carers’ rights regarding decision-making, confidentiality, and how to put advance plans in place for the future.

Carers Rights Day 2018 series: mental capacity and decision-making for carers

If you are caring for a friend, neighbour or relative with a mental health condition, brain injury or cognitive impairment, you may need to support them to make decisions or make decisions on their behalf. You may also be involved with professionals making decisions about their health or care. This guide takes you through the law on decision-making for people with conditions affecting the brain, and what your rights are as a carer.

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Carers Rights Day 2018 series: confidentiality and carers

Confidentiality can be a particularly difficult issue for people caring for a person with a mental health problem. As a carer, you are naturally worried about the person you care for and want to know what is happening to them. However, you may find that professionals say they cannot share information due to confidentiality.

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Carers Rights Day 2018 series: advance decisions and planning for the future

If you care for someone who may lose their ability to make decisions, it is easier to put plans in place now, rather than waiting for someone to lose mental capacity. We list some ways of putting plans in place to give you greater peace of mind.

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Carers Rights Guide

Carers UK produces an annual Carers Rights Guide with guidance on your rights as a carer: download the 2018 Carers Rights Guide. We will also have printed guides available at the Carers Support Centre on Carers Rights Day.

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